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Take a look at the finish of the Russel project, which features beautiful quality materials and design. Without a doubt, a spectacular house makeover. Russell

Project Details:

Lawrenceville Ga
Areas Renovated:
Complete house
Year completed:


The Russell Project had all kinds of old elements that we had to polish and renovate to get the best out of a beautiful property with a large and unique structure. In that sense, we finished and polished the unfinished constructions and took advantage of all the spaces so that the owner would have a beautiful, functional, and durable finish.

Avatar Contractors had a great imagination to generate a trendy design that aimed to generate a more comfortable environment with a minimalist design. For this, our experts had the challenge of selecting among our materials those with the most appropriate aesthetics to achieve the desired results.

Basic Project info

The Russell project is a clear example of how Avatar Contractors can bring out the best in each property. With a defined structure, we renovated all the necessary elements to make every space in the house fully functional, practical, and comfortable. These are some of the highlights of the project:

  • Clearing the exterior of the property had a lot of vegetation and debris that hindered the entrance and exterior space.
  • Painting of the siding on the facade, wood fences, doors, and window frames.
  • Polishing of existing wood floors and replacement of old floors with new wood floors.
  • Change of the chimney cladding and painting of the surrounding shelves.
  • Redesign of the kitchen, replacement of cabinets, and construction of custom countertops made of exotic quartz.
  • Reconstruction of the bathrooms, re-washing of the walls, and installation of bathroom fixtures.
  • General lighting upgrades throughout the property.
  • Adequate electrical installations in all rooms.
  • Reconstruction of the basement and attic, converting them into functional rooms, illuminated and ready to use.

Lot Clearance

The clearing of the exterior space was a determinant for the perfect finishing of the Russell project. For this, we used special transporters to help us remove all organic and inorganic waste from the property. We also weeded the space and removed trees that were too close to the property.

Furniture and flooring renovation

We took full advantage of each of the spaces in the property, so in some cases, we even built special furniture such as shelves, cabinets, and countertops that were necessary to extend the functionality of each of the rooms.

As main materials, we used quartz and exotic quartz for the countertops and countertops, and laminated wood for the finishes of the shelves.

Beautiful and finished bathrooms

Without a doubt, the Russell project’s bathroom transformation is memorable. It incorporates the on-trend elements of a contemporary bathroom that is well-lit, comfortable, and perfect for relaxing. For this, we incorporated a bathtub, new lighting, and the installation of bathroom fixtures that match the sober, warm, and beautiful design.

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