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See the work of Avatar Contractors in the Stanton project. Beautiful finishes and quality work in this home remodeling.

Project Details:

3206 Parkridge Cres, Chamblee, GA
Areas Renovated:
Complete house
Year completed:


In Atlanta we did an incredible remodel during 2020, which included both renovating the interior and exterior of the spaces.

This was a traditional house, with basic finishes and a rather aged exterior, which we transformed into a brand new property, with a completely renovated porch, a beautiful finish and a totally fresh design.

In the interior of the property, we carried out works of change of floors, painting, design of special rooms, change of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, including a modern, innovative and functional design.

Basic information about the project

At the beginning, the house had no buildings or rooms inside, so we made a general design of all the facilities, applied the best high quality materials and generated professional, functional and durable finishes with the best workmanship.

  • Basically, we perform these home improvements:
  • Design of the rooms, hallways and common spaces.
  • Installation of the lighting system throughout the property.
  • Coating of the interior walls with excellent quality materials.
  • Painting of all spaces.
  • Change of regular floors for high quality wood floors.
  • Opening of windows and installation of doors between rooms.
  • Installation of countertops, cabinets, and fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Installation of blinds, ceiling fans and other appliances.
  • Plumbing work in bathrooms, kitchens and other necessary spaces.
  • Weeding, tree pruning and general cleaning of the garden.
  • Construction of a porch with stairs and roof.
  • Replacement of the siding of the property in color and coating.

Full exterior renewal

If you look at a before and after view of the property, you will immediately notice the improvements to the exterior of the property. We changed the color of the exterior materials, as well as clad the shed with a new wood tone material, which is consistent with the latest trends in exterior design.

We also took advantage of the structure of the property to generate a coherent, traditional and warmer finish, with wood fences and a much more homey tone.

Trending designs in bathroom and kitchen

The design of the kitchen and bathroom is based on a minimalist trend, with light colors and the implementation of high class countertops and cabinets that not only increase the functionality of the spaces, but also offer a practical and high quality finish.

The kitchen design was adapted to the installation of appliances, so we also installed custom countertops, with an ideal size so that both the stove and the refrigerator, range hood and other elements had a strategic position.

Likewise, the materials used are of high quality, with granite tops and backsplashes that match the design centered on pastel colors.

High-end at floorings and painting

Without a doubt, all the rooms look modern, spacious and finished to the highest standards. For this, we selected the highest quality floors and walls. As well as baseboards that add elegance to the painting of the walls and wooden floors of the highest quality.

Likewise, we implement the installation of lighting fixtures according to each of the rooms.

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