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Discover what Avatar Contractors did during the Bridges home improvement project. You will be amazed to see our finishes.

Project Details:

Atlanta ga
Areas Renovated:
Garden, flooring, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, stairs
Year completed:


Avatar Contractors put all their ingenuity, effort, and knowledge into design trends and interior remodeling to generate an incredible and totally clean finish in the renovation of the interior and exterior spaces.

From changing the paint on the siding to the partial renovation of the deck, the Bridges project became one of our best renovation projects and that is why we incorporated it into our portfolio.

This time it was not necessary to demolish walls, we took full advantage of the structure of the property to improve the design, shape, and style so that we could provide the owners with a warm, beautiful and comfortable house in which it will be a pleasure to live, share and stay.

Basic Project info

You should know that at Avatar Contractors, the most important thing for us is to provide you with a finish tailored to your needs. This is why we make a great effort to listen to you and carry out your wishes during the interior remodeling.

In the case of the Bridges project, the homeowners wanted to retain a warm, traditional style, so we only incorporated the latest trends in comfortable, spacious, and practical interior design to provide greater comfort. Here are the general details of the project:

  • Exterior cleanup and removal of trees too close to the property.
  • Remodeling of the porch and back deck, change of floors, and painting of the enclosures.
  • Painting of the siding and columns of the property.
  • Renovation of windows and glasswork.
  • Installation of new light fixtures and other electrical connections to enhance lighting.
  • Remodeling of the kitchen with new cabinets and countertops.
  • Change of the bathroom fixtures, incorporation of a new countertop and mirrors.
  • Replacement of tile flooring with wood flooring.
  • Painting of all rooms.
  • Installation of blinds on interior windows.
  • Change of flooring in the stairs.
  • Installation of custom cabinets in the kitchen. Installation of countertops and functional design for appliances.

Warm and homey design

Preserving the homey style was our goal in the Bridges project. That’s why we used delicate colors, kept the structure warm and small, and took advantage of all the details of the property to generate more comfort and functionality.

We also added dedicated lighting for each space, replaced the old bulbs with white lights, and used lamps that generate a greater amount of luminosity for more visual comfort. We enhanced each of the electrical installations for practical and safe use.

Old floorings to Brand new wooden floor

Undoubtedly, the floors were determinant to achieving an updated trendy finish. Therefore, we lifted all the old tile floors and selected the materials according to the client’s taste.

We then installed floors made of oak in most of the rooms. Meanwhile, we incorporated cherry wood flooring with excellent performance and long-term characteristics in the stairs.

Making the best of every space

The best thing about this project is that we perfectly preserved the physical structures of the property, meaning we did no demolition or wall construction. This does not mean that the changes were not evident. We applied the best trends in distribution and decoration to take advantage of the best of the spaces in the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and other outdoor spaces.

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Generally our turnaround time is between 4 to 7 days for small to medium sized projects.  Larger, or a more involved projects will take longer due to their complexity.


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The U.S. Department of Energy recommends every 7—10 years using mineral insulation such as cellulose, fiberglass, etc. There are several reasons: -The first reason is that the R-values will diminish when the insulation settles down, kind of like a sponge. You see, the tiny holes in insulation are what traps the heat or the cold. Once those holes are full they cannot absorb any convection heat, as when a sponge cannot hold any more water. – The other reasons range from traffic, dust, moisture, and workman such as cable or phone installers who have moved through and stepped on the insulation in your attic, crawl spaces, or basement, thereby packing it down and reducing its ability to insulate effectively.


Every inch of batt insulation is equal to R-3, unless it’s more than 20 years old. For example, if you can see the floor joist (typically 2×6’s), that equals to R-18. For blown-in cellulose it is R -. Be sure to pay attention to the floor duct work. Lift the duct work to see if installers actually blew insulation underneath the ducts. Most commonly you will see insulation on vertical walls or the tray ceilings that have completely fallen down or never were installed properly.


On a 90 degree day, here in Georgia, attic temperatures can climb as high as 140 s to 160 degrees. What is recommended temperature for your attic on the same 90 degree day? You never want your attic to get above 120 degrees.

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