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Project Details:

Atlanta, GA
Areas Renovated:
Exteriors, back patio, sidings, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms
Year completed:


The Avon project is a clear example that we can always improve a property, even when we think it is in good condition. At Avatar Contractors we have the most versatile team of interior designers who are in charge of looking at every room as an opportunity to give you the comfort you deserve.

Precisely in this property, we focused on highlighting the best attributes of the property, which included polishing wood floors, as well as changing the old floors of other materials to generate uniformity.

In the same way, we designed bathrooms and kitchens from scratch, so you will find a contemporary space made with high-quality fixtures, cabinets, and countertops, custom designed for the size of this property.

Basic Project info

The Avon project already had a life of its own, what we did at Avatar Contractors was to give this property a distinguished, elegant, and comfortable personality that would give its owners a general feeling of warmth and home. So, we took advantage of the premium materials we worked with to provide a beautiful and lasting result.

Among other jobs, this was the generalized work we performed on the Avon project:

  • Redesigning and resurfacing the basement siding with decorative stone.
  • Painting of the property siding.
  • Construction of a deck and extension of the property walls in the outdoor patio.
  • Replacement of tile floors with wood floors.
  • Reconditioning of the old wooden floors.
  • Installation of windows and painting of existing doors, frames, and walls.
  • Complete bathroom design with custom bathtub and countertops.
  • Complete kitchen design with replacement of old cabinets with new trending custom cabinets made with high-quality exotic quartz.
  • Painting of all walls, baseboards, and interior ceilings.
  • Replacement of light fixtures and optimization of electrical installations.
  • Unification of the exterior floors.

Polishing of a traditional design

Without a doubt, traditional designs are beautiful and Avon’s case was no exception, that’s why we decided to polish all aspects so that the property could show off its classic and homey look with high bed materials that will last longer.

What we did was apply a coat of pigment paint and waterproofing materials to the siding to prevent future damage. This was complemented with a painting of frames, decks, and doors in white that went perfectly with the classic color of the exterior, and in the lower part, which corresponds to the basement, we added a decorated stone cladding that gives more beauty to the front garden.

Trendings in kitchen and bathroom

In this property we had to design the bathrooms and kitchen from scratch, so we eliminated all the existing materials and put our ingenuity to work to generate a perfect layout for you to enjoy a spacious, comfortable and functional environment.

We installed the highest quality cabinets, made of quartz and solid wood base. We also added the necessary compartments to make the design functional in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Extension of the property to the backyard

In the backyard, this property had a lot in poor condition that we decided to remove to extend the size of the property and build a back deck that would give the property an additional exit.

This deck was built with solid wood of the highest quality, as well as a contemporary design with stairs that goes perfectly with the classic finish of the space.

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