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Get inspired by looking at the full home remodeling we did on the Campbellton project. Avatar Contractors has everything you need for your home makeover.

Project Details:

Atlanta Ga
Areas Renovated:
Complete house
Year completed:


With dilapidated walls, no windows, and in the total condition of neglect, Avatar Contractors turned the Campbellton project into a beautiful, clean and homey house for the owners to enjoy with family, and friends and an overall feeling of warmth.

The house had open walls, so we completed the construction of walls, enclosures, and partitions to ensure ample quality in the strength of the structure. We also converted abandoned spaces into a beautiful kitchen, an incredibly tidy bathroom, and a complete, fully secure, and fenced house for the owners to enjoy.

Basic details about the Project

The Campbellton Project represented a challenge in many ways, which Avatar Contractors more than met. We converted an abandoned property into a beautiful traditional house ready to live in, for this we applied the best trends in interior design, in addition to taking advantage of the shape of the structure to strengthen the walls and have a secure property.

These are the details of the project:

  • Total cleaning of the exterior of the property, eliminating vegetation, bushes, and nearby trees.
  • Clearing the back and front yard, and construction of a sidewalk to the front door.
  • Replacement of the exterior siding of the property.
  • Reconstruction of the backyard for barbecues.
  • Landscaping work in the front yard.
  • Installation of glass in all windows and doors with glass windows.
  • Construction of walls, enclosures, and divisions between rooms.
  • Complete design of the kitchen, erection of walls, and installation of cabinets and countertops.
  • Coating of all interior walls and roofs to achieve a uniform smooth finish.
  • Painting of all interior walls and roofs of the house.
  • Replacement of bare and tile floors with high-quality wood floors.
  • Complete bathroom design, tiling, bathtub installation, and other bathroom fixtures.

Total reconstruction of the spaces

You wouldn’t recognize Campbellton if you saw it before the remodel. It was a half-built, totally abandoned space that we transformed into a beautiful, functional, and comfortable home made with top-of-the-line materials.

Not only did we build the enclosure walls, but we tore down the old walls in the kitchen and living room to make one uniform construction that our interior designers, as well as our decorators, knew how to take advantage of to provide an impeccable finish.

Elegant design with fireplace

At the main entrance of the house, we found a beautiful space that we could not miss to install a new fireplace. Although the initial design was thought in this way, we could not miss the chimney duct to remove the previous materials and make a decoration with stones that also extends the life of the elements.

This fireplace perfectly matches a beautiful living room with classic lighting and hardwood floors, making it the perfect place to share with friends and family.

Patio and Exterior Remodeling

Another amazing change in this project came when we removed the exterior vegetation and replaced the backyard flooring materials that had been deteriorated by the adverse weather.

In the same way, we proceeded to apply a new siding for the facade, as well as complement it with a classic design and a high-quality waterproof paint that will not deteriorate over time.

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