Bathroom Remodeling in Marietta

Are more than a perfect place to wash away all your stress and worries. So when you decide to remodel this area of your home, you should always plan carefully and have a bathroom designed to fit its primary users.

Most homes of today have at least two bathrooms contrary to the previous one shared space.


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Got a question about our services?

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Design and Remodel your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a space to be used for cleaning and washing, but also a place to rejuvenate and regain strength after a hectic day. On that note, you want it to be beautiful, modern, and spacious.

If your bathroom lacks special qualities, you should definitely consider remodeling your bathroom, for which, you would certainly need the assistance of bathroom remodeling designer in Marietta. A professional touch to your bathroom can completely change the feel of the space and this is where Avatar Contractors can help. We have stylish master bathroom ideas and can help you build the bathroom of your dreams.

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Bathroom remodeling in Marietta is a blend of practical realities and big dreams. Avatar Contractors are there to offer bathroom remodeling ideas for you master bathroom, guess bathroom, half bathroom or handicap bathroom and to help build the bathroom you desire. To make your bathroom functional while looking as appealing as imaginable, we start the designing process with the fixtures. No matter what your budget and dreams, we aim to accomplish the remodel that is beyond your expectation and best for your home. With countless textures and patterns to choose from, we can make a dream into a reality.

We will professionally manage every detail to your specifications while designing and remodeling your bathroom in Marietta.

After completion of work, we leave a safe, durable and beautiful bathroom for you and your family to enjoy. To date, we have received high appreciation from our clients. We are always present to help them work on their goals, expectations, wish lists, ideas and concepts; ensuring our clients receive the best outcome possible.

Whether you are ready to remodel your bathroom in Marietta or you are seeking a second opinion on bathroom design in Marietta, we can help. In addition to Bathroom remodeling in metro Atlanta we can also help you with others remodeling projects such as kitchen, basement, interior & exterior remodeling. Avatar Contractor Group has been in business since 2004 doing complete renovation project resulting in total transformation of our customers home; with a solid portfolio and track record in the industry. (Bathroom remodeling)

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What an we offer for your Home


Bath Cabinets

One of the most popular bathroom storage solutions are cabinets and vanities. It’s just the perfect place to put all your personal health items, medicines, first aid kit and even cleaning products. With drawers, doors, mirrors and knobs, you can find a great variety of bathroom cabinets to install during your home renovation.

Happily, Avatar Contractors has a lot of experience and ideas to make a totally perfect bathroom remodeling you need. Whether you want to install brand-new cabinets, or remodel your old-looking cabinet doors, knobs, or mirrors, we have plenty options and designs you’d be glad to look at.

All you need to do is have your ideas together and get in contact with our Project Coordination team to get a great plan and design for your new bathroom vanityAvatar Contractor’s experts will also give you any guidance or advice you need to choose the high quality materials for the design you have in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you want to put cabinets in your walls, a specific corner or near to your tub, we can design it perfect to fit in any space of your bathroom. Also, you can choose if you want a design with drawers or doors and even personalize the form, material and color of the knobs, so it completely fits the idea you have in your mind.

We have a lot of in-stock bathroom cabinets that you’d probably like with different styles and designs as flat, distressed, beadboard, shaker, thermofoil, inset, louvered and even more bathroom vanities look-like.And if you like patterned bathroom cabinets, we can also show you some options like patterned glass, tiled mosaic, stenciled, painted or mirrored.

However, if you do not like that option, and want to make a very specific design with some determined materials. For those demands, Avatar Contractors also offers you the possibility of customizing the style as much as you want. We have high-end materials in-stock to do all your cabinets, such as wood, laminate, thermofoil, stainless steel, mirror and bamboo. Those materials are available in different colors; the most popular in metro Atlanta are blue, black, white, beige, gray and green.

As a professional contractor, we’re definitely prepared to respond any of your demands, all you have to do is contact us, and tell us exactly what you would like for your bathroom wall cabinet, bathroom vanities or any bathroom storage solution. Therefore, that’s what our previous clients have done and resulted in excellent experiences where we’ve putted all our effort in making the best outcome possible for all.

Avatar Contractors has been working as a home renovation service since 2004, remodeling, transforming and upgrading our client’s homes not only in their bathroom storage, but lighting, flooring, tubs, finishes and more. Just ask us for any home renovationidea you, have and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help you to make it possible.

Counter Top

Counter Top

Some of the most beautiful designs of bathroom vanities have counter tops incorporated. Matter of fact, is one of the most popular places to put the sink faucet or simply to put some decoration on it. All you need to think is which type of countertop you would like to install, and ask for a professional to help you build it and install it in your bathroom.

If you have the idea of how you want your bathroom to look after the renovation, Avatar Contractors Group are the experts that will help you to make it happen. We have an awesome team of specialist in the design and installation of bathroom countertops and bathroom vanity tops, so you can trust us to deliver excellence on your home renovation.

Which type of counter top do you want for your bathroom remodel? We have available a lot of options for you to choose. The most popular materials for bathroom countertops in metro Atlanta are granite, marble, laminate, tile, wood, solid surface, and the most beautiful quartz countertops that you will absolutely love.

Also, you’ll find a lot of colors and styles of every single one of the materials. For example, the most popular colors and styles of bathroom quartz countertops are white attica, shitae, rugged concrete, Copacabana, vena pure white, Brunello and crystal quartz. On the other hand, the most popular granitecountertops are made of black pearl, beige butterfly, white G and gallo ornamental light. And finally, you can find marble countertops in calacatta Veneto and viscount as the most popular styles and colors, but you can also find a great list of other colors if you are thinking of something totally different like brown, blue, black, grey, beige or any other.

Fortunately, Avatar Contractors has to many high-end materials that you can get to make your perfect bathroom remodeling. You just have to contact us and give us with all the details to make perfect your bathroom countertops made to measure and with the professional installation of an expert.

On the other hand, Avatar Contractors has a great team of Project Coordinators that will help you to design a perfect plan for your bathroom remodeling. Our experts are here to help you decide which materials, design and finishes fits best to your bathroom remodeling needs and budget. It doesn’t matter if you want to remodel your bathroom countertopscabinets, tubs, lighting, flooring or finishes, we can do it all for you. You only have to get in contact with us and start planning with us the bathroomof your dreams.

Avatar Contractors is a team of experts and professionals dedicated to the transformation, renovation, remodeling and upgrading of houses and home spaces. We’ve been in the business since 2004, and we’ve received excellent references from our clients for delivering a great work, made on time and with high-end finishes, durables and perfect looking at your costumer’s homes.

Bath Flooring

Bath Flooring

Have you ever thought that maybe you don’t like very much the floor of your bathroom? Perhaps is old, you don’t like the colors, or it doesn’t really fit with the style of the rest of the room. If you’re thinking about making a renovation to your bathroom floor tiles, you just need the ideas and an expert hand to do it for you.

To make it possible, Avatar Contractors has an expert team in bathroom remodeling, with a lot of professional experience installing high-end flooring. All you need to do is tell us your ideas, and we’ll make the full remodel of the floor to make it look beautiful, refreshed and perfect.

At Avatar Contractors we offer you a resistant, waterproof and safety flooring, so we have in-stock perfect materials which you’d probably like. Among the popular bathroom flooring options in metro Atlanta, we have ceramic andporcelain in all types of styles such as wood look-like tile, different forms, patterns, colors, styles and sizes to create your own unique design. Other popular options are vinyl, marble, limestone, natural stone, travertine and slate.

Depending on the design you like in your bathroom, our experts can install some safety flooring like non-slip vinyl, glass flooring, non-slip porcelain design, cork, bamboo and rubber flooring. But if you don’t like the non-slip tiles, we can also offer you some other safety accessories to apply on your floor to reduce the slip risk in any surface. Our experts can install anti-slip strips, bars and some special non-slip areas.

On the other hand, Avatar Contractors has plenty of options you may like to remodel your bathroom spaces. All you have to do is contact our Project Coordination team, so they can get your ideas and advise you about the materials we can use to make your ideas happen.

Avatar Contractors is a professional team specialized at home renovation servicesthat has been in business since 2004, transforming, remodeling and upgrading our client’s houses. We have experience at bathroom flooring, and we work with the most excellent providers to give you a high elite range of materials, professional installations and the most beautiful, durable and perfect finishes that you need.

So if you want to remodel your bathroom flooring, cabinets, counter tops, lighting, tub, finishes or any other part of it, you can contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you to get the home renovation that you’ve been dreaming of.



There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you remodel your shower as it’s not the whole bathroom, but it has glass doors, walls, flooring and in some cases even lighting. To resume, the design has to be absolutely perfect, so when you walk in shower to take a good bath after a tiring day, you can feel totally released.

To make sure about combining all those aspects to make the perfect shower, you’d probably want an expert to do it, so Avatar Contractors is the best option for you to go to. We have a team of experts in bathroom remodeling, with a great time of experience working with high-end materials and finishes in all the pieces of your shower.

Avatar Contractors can make possible the shower of your dreams. Which one do you prefer? Are you thinking on digital, steam or an electric shower? Some cascade or rain shower? Maybe you’d like a head shower from your ceiling or a traditional wall shower. In any case, we can send you a team of specialists to make a professional installation of yourshower enclosures and get a perfect finish.

When it comes to the design, you need to start thinking what type of shower doors you’d like. In metro Atlanta, the most popular designs of shower doors are frameless, folding, bi-fold, curved, frameless enclosures and traditional, so you can choose what fits best to your bathroom remodeling. All of these designs can be made of an elite range of materials to fit your needs and budget. In Avatar Contractors, we have experience working with safety glass, laminated, tempered, vinyl and more. And every one of those materials has different styles so you choose the one you like the most. For example, the most popular shower doors of tempered glass have these styles: acid-etched, patterned, tinted, clear, ultra-clear and cast.

Another thing you need to think is: if your shower has walls, what kind of materials you’d like to use on them? Specifically, for the shower walls we can offer you a great variety of tiles you may like such as glass, porcelain, natural stone, ceramic, acrylic and fiberglass. All of them are available in different colors, styles and    patterns so you can choose something that makes your bathroom look beautiful, refresh and remodel.

The best thing is that you won’t have to do it alone, the team of Project Coordinatorsof Avatar Contractors will make it all easy for you. They’ll listen to every one of your ideas, suggestions and expectations, then, they’ll give you advise to make it possible and help you to choose the materials, styles, colors and designs to get to the best outcome possible.

Avatar Contractors can take care of any task from your bathroom remodeling as flooring, tubs, lighting, countertops, cabinets and finishes. And we also have experts in the whole area of home renovation, so we can help you remodel your kitchen, exterior, screened porch, deck and more. We’ve been in business since 2004, and we specialized at the remodeling, transformation, renovation and upgrade of our costumers houses and commercial spaces.

Bath Lighting

Bath Lighting

The bathroom is probably one of your favorite places to take all your hygiene care, such as makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth, cleaning your face and more. But we’ll all agree that you cannot do that properly if you don’t have the right lighting. Actually, the lights, lamps and bulbs will make the space look better, give you the possibility to pay more attention to the details and even reduce some risks that you may have in a dark bathroom.

There’s many important things you need to take care of when you install your new bathroom lighting, so before start looking “lighting stores near me”, it’s better that if you contact some experts to do it all for you. In fact, Avatar Contractors has an excellent team fill with professionals that can advise you to get the right lamps and install any lighting you want in your bathroom renovation. In this case, if you want floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, or even to incorporate lights to your countertop and mirror, we can do it for you, so the bathroom remodeling gets to be as you dream.

The first thing is to choose where and what type of shape do you want for your bathroom lighting remodeling. We can offer you a bar, cage, globes, shaded, chandelier and tube that are the most popular shape options for bathroom lighting in Metro Atlanta. We have these shapes available in different high-end materials so you can choose the best one for the design of your bathroom, such as chrome, brushed nickel, brass, copper, stainless steel, gold and oil-rubbed. Each one of them is unique, high quality pieces that will make a beautiful and elegant vanity lighting that you will love.

Another thing you have to choose after the shape of the lamp is the type of bulbs we can install in it. Matter of fact, Avatar Contractors has an elite range of options for you to choose the one you want. The most wanted options in Georgia are LED lights, Edison bulbs, globes, halogen and incandescent. In fact, if you like your space to be more illuminating, the perfect choice is LED lights, halogen or incandescent bulbs. However, if you like a warm, soft and adjustable light, Edinson or globe bulbs are perfect for you.

All you need to do is contact our team to get the assessment you need to start the bathroom remodeling whenever you want. They will give you some advices to choose the right materials and trends for you to get a perfect lighting remodeling design. When you agree with all the terms of the home renovation, we’ll send our team of experts to your house and make sure that the work has the perfect, professional durable and beautiful finish that you deserve.

Even if you don’t want to remodel only the lighting, but the bathroom flooring, cabinets, countertop, tub and finishes, we can do it all for you. That’s why we have so many wonderful reviews from our clients, because we make sure the job is done perfectly and exactly the way you wanted.

We are Avatar Contractors, a home renovation service, and we are pleased to help you to make your home remodeling dreams come true in your bathroom, kitchen, exterior, investor and any other space of your house or commercial.

Bath tub

Bath Tubs

There’s no better feeling than getting home and take a long, gorgeous and soft hot bath in your tub. You might think now that you’ll require a team to remodel the bathroom to install a new tub in it, and you are right.

The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about finding a professional to do installation; Avatar Contractors has an excellent team of experts in bathroom remodeling that has all the necessary tools to make possible the installation of the hot tub of your dreams. All you need to do is contact with us anytime. Our team of managers and experts will give you the necessary advises for you to choose the right type of materials and to design the perfect space for your bathtub.

Have you thought about what type of tub do you want? We can offer you alcove tubs with a simple or luxury design, also you can choose between claw-foot, modern solid base, round soup bowl and freestanding tubs in an alcove or any other room you like. By the other hand, we have a great selection of built-in tubs that are pretty popular in metro Atlanta, the designs can be standardized, step-up drop-in, corner built-in, Under mount and drop-in in the center of the bathroom tubs, so you can choose which one would you like in your bathroom remodeling.

You won’t have to look for inflatable’s hot tubs, because our team will do a professional installation of the tub of your preferences, so you can enjoy it anytime. The best thing is that the installation of the hot tub is done by certified professionals from Avatar Contractors, so it will have perfect, durable and beautiful high-end finishes so you can have the bathroom of your dreams.

In fact, we also have available a great variety of materials and colors of tubs, so you can choose the one that fits best with the design of the rest of your bathroom. The favorite models of tubs among our customers in Georgia are made of porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, fiberglass, copper, marble or stone resin. You can pick up the one you like based on your needs, tastes and budget. And even if you want some other type of material, color or design, you can ask us, and we’ll effort to get to the best outcome possible.

It doesn’t matter if you want a new tub, or you need us to remodel your bathroom countertops, lighting, flooring, cabinets, shower and even your finishes. In Avatar Contractors, we love making home renovation and that’s why we’ve dedicated our services to know how to make perfect and possible your remodeling dreams.

Avatar Contractors Group is a home renovation service since 2004 that is fully specialized in remodeling, renovation, transformation and upgrading of any house and commercial building. In all this time, our clients have loved our ways to work, responsibility, advisement, ability to respond to their requirements and the final results of any renewal that we have made for them.

Bath Finishes 2

Bath Finishes

Do you want to make your bathroom look different? Make a full refreshment or complement an old idea that you started when remodel your bathroom for the first time? You’ll need to keep an eye on the finishes of every part of the room. That way you can be totally sure that the bathroom will look good and harmonious.

When it comes to finishes, you’ll probably have to change a lot of things in your bathroom, as fixtures, faucet, paints and more, so the best is that you find a professional to help you out. In fact, Avatar Contractors has a great team of experts that can help you to get perfect finishes in your bathroom, no matter what are your preferences, which style you prefer or how deep would you like to go on your bathroom remodeling.

Talking about faucet finishes, we can offer you a high elite range of materials that you’ll love and make your bathroom look spectacular. The most popular faucet finishes are satin nickel, copper, chromed, mixed metals, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, polished brass, lacquer metals and polished nickel. Each one of them are durable, high-end and elegant to fit in your bathroom countertop and looking perfect in it. That same finishes can be used in the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom such as knobs, lamps and some parts of the decoration.

You can also think about paint finishes in order to get a perfect combination between the fixtures and the rest of the bathroom. To be able to do that, Avatar Contractors can offer you all types of paints such as satin, eggshell, semi-gloss and textured paint. The best thing is that you can choose the colors you want for your walls, ceiling and any other side of the room. The most popular colors at bathroom remodeling are white, beige, gray, blue, and brown. But if you want some other color, you just need to ask us, and we’ll surely get to the best outcome possible.

For any other finish you want to get in your bathroom, you just have to contact us, and we’ll make it possible for you. Actually, Avatar Contractors has team of Project Coordinators waiting for you, and they will advise you about which materials to use and what kind of faucets or fixtures will look better when you remodel the space.

Is very important for us that you have a great experience at your home renovation. Matter of fact, our clients have awesome reviews about our services, response to their demands and quality of our jobs and finishes. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to change your bathroom tub, countertop, cabinets, lighting, flooring or anything else in the rest of your house, in Avatar Contractors we’ll be very happy to help you to get the remodeling of your dreams.

We are Available to help you Every Step of the way with your Construction Project.

We are Available to help you Every Step of the way with your Construction Project.

Need handicap?

The areas in which a person should thrive most easily are the kitchen and bathroom, so if you need help doing a handicap bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we are the company for you.

Avatar Contractors has plenty of experience making your building demands happen, so we can take care of remodeling your kitchen and bathroom so you can get all the accessibility you need.

Handicap Bathroom Remodeling, Handicap Bathroom Remodeling, Handicap Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrenceville

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Recessed lighting and LED lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while vanity lighting provides accent lighting for tasks such as putting on makeup.
Use lighter colors to make the space appear airy and open, and incorporate mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space.
Popular color schemes for bathroom remodels include white or light colors such as pale blue, gray, taupe, and beige.
Yes! A bathroom remodel can improve the appearance of your home, making it more inviting and increasing its overall value.
Porcelain tile is the most popular choice for bathroom flooring due to its durability and water resistance. However, stone tiles, vinyl, and laminate are also popular options.
Common materials used in bathroom remodeling include tile, hardwood, laminate, stone, porcelain, ceramic, and glass.

Generally our turnaround time is between 4 to 7 days for small to medium sized projects.  Larger, or a more involved projects will take longer due to their complexity.

The best source of information will be people who have used the builder for their own pool. We will provide you with a list of referrals, and then you should call the customers on the list and ask about their experience. Visit pools built by Avatar Contractor to get a firsthand feel for the quality of our work. Not all builders are the same. Many cut corners on stone work so they can move on to the next pool. Look at examples of our work and work by other companies. You may also wish to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any unresolved complaints against the builder.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends every 7—10 years using mineral insulation such as cellulose, fiberglass, etc. There are several reasons: -The first reason is that the R-values will diminish when the insulation settles down, kind of like a sponge. You see, the tiny holes in insulation are what traps the heat or the cold. Once those holes are full they cannot absorb any convection heat, as when a sponge cannot hold any more water. – The other reasons range from traffic, dust, moisture, and workman such as cable or phone installers who have moved through and stepped on the insulation in your attic, crawl spaces, or basement, thereby packing it down and reducing its ability to insulate effectively.

Every inch of batt insulation is equal to R-3, unless it’s more than 20 years old. For example, if you can see the floor joist (typically 2×6’s), that equals to R-18. For blown-in cellulose it is R -. Be sure to pay attention to the floor duct work. Lift the duct work to see if installers actually blew insulation underneath the ducts. Most commonly you will see insulation on vertical walls or the tray ceilings that have completely fallen down or never were installed properly.

On a 90 degree day, here in Georgia, attic temperatures can climb as high as 140 s to 160 degrees. What is recommended temperature for your attic on the same 90 degree day? You never want your attic to get above 120 degrees.


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Avatar Contractors Group is a remodeling company located in Roswell, GA with over 14 years of experience and countless satisfied customers.

  • We Are Creative
  • Honest And Dependable

  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving

  • How to improve business
  • Services we provide

For Excellent Performance We Focus on Critical.

Avatar Contractors Group is a remodeling company located in Roswell, GA with over 14 years of experience and countless satisfied customers.

  • We Are Creative

  • Honest And Dependable

  • Quality Commitment

  • We Are Always Improving

  • How to improve business
  • Services we provide

Support and Consultation team

Support and Consultation team

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Your only job is to tell us how you want your room, bathroom, kitchen or living room, and we’ll design it for you. We are not satisfied until we provide you with an environment that feels comfortable, beautiful and functional.

  • We offer a contemporary design, functional and totally adapted to your needs.
  • We use the best materials, with the highest quality so that every finish is totally perfect.
  • We have an excellent technical sales and after sales team that will keep in touch with you during the whole process.

What Our Clients Say About Us

What Our Clients Say About Us

Average 5-star reviews. Based on 81 reviews

Nathan StevensNathan Stevens
08:36 20 Sep 22
We recently remodeled our house with Avatar Contractor’s Home Remodeling service. After having at least 3 other companies come through and give us a bid, we never felt comfortable. Then we met with Avatar Contractor’s experts. They were upfront, honest, and able to answer our questions. We are highly pleased with our new bathroom. Special shoutout to the team leader on the tile work. It is immaculate.
Masen MarksMasen Marks
15:30 18 Sep 22
We did a full remodel of our center kitchen, and I cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Avatar Contractor Group. Just to start with the initial design phase and ending with a very timely and professionally executed project plan. If you're looking for a contractor who is 100% committed to customer service and doing what they said they would, you don't need to look any further! They have amazing project management, regular communication, and fantastic workmanship. Do your kitchen remodel with Avatar Contractor!
Rose JacksonRose Jackson
10:29 18 Sep 22
Avatar Contractor’s home remodeling experts recently remodeled my home and master bath. The team members are incredibly professional! We chose designer cabinets that take a bit longer, and the results are incredible and very high quality! Both the kitchen and bathroom and many other projects they completed throughout my entire home are perfect and exactly how I dreamed they would turn out! I would definitely hire again; a truly top-notch company!
adc kingadc king
05:14 29 Jun 22
We reached out to Avatar Contractors to get a quote for main level renovations in our house.It was a pleasure working with them. They offer competitive prices, strong communication, and professionalism throughout the entire duration of our project with them. Francisco was the project manager for our renovation project, and he made sure we were happy with everything. No request was too big or small for him, and he definitely went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the end result of the project. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the final results. Our experience working with Francisco was amazing, and without any hesitation we would want him taking care of our future projects.-A
Alicia WalkerAlicia Walker
13:05 25 Mar 22
My experience working with Avatar was amazing. They were always on top of everything, answer all my questions, and very professionals. I am very happy I used them for my kitchen renovation and I am planning on using them for my future projects. I am very satisfied and truly happy with the experience, and the final result! These people really know what they are doing.- A

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