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Witness the best quality work on the Rigland project. From abandoned to brand new, this house makeover will blow your mind. Ridgland

Project Details:

Marietta Ga
Areas Renovated:
Complete house
Year completed:


We started this project in 2020. It was a house in a state of abandonment and we had to incorporate a design that would better highlight each of its special qualities.

Taking advantage of its structure, we appropriately chose the tone of the paints to make the space look much more spacious. We also changed the flooring and lighting, which gave an excellent elegant, and refined tone to the entire property.

Likewise, the bathroom and kitchen became magnificent spaces ready to be used and for their owners to live comfortably in a very functional environment, with top-quality finishes based on recent trends in interior design.

Basic information about the Project

At Avatar Contractors we always focus our project on functionality and excellence in every job we start. For this reason, we turned this property into a beautiful space not only ready to live in but with perfect features to enhance its value and performance.

These are the main features of the renovation project:

  • Weeding of the outside area with the felling of trees and bushes.
  • Opening of windows to improve ventilation and natural lighting.
  • Painting of doors and window frames.
  • Total renovation of the kitchen area.
  • Demolition of walls in the kitchen to make an open space in the living room.
  • Construction of custom cabinets and countertops.
  • Installation of a custom kitchen island.
  • Replacing tile floors and cleaning work with hardwood floors.
  • Painting of all rooms.
  • Total remodeling of the bathroom in terms of lighting, flooring, and tiling.
  • Change of bathtub for shower tray, as well as other bathroom fixtures for matching ones.
  • Optimization of electrical lighting in all rooms.

From Abandoned to Brand New

One of the initial steps was to clear the property from its abandoned state. We cleaned up all the areas so that they no longer looked run down and had no debris or waste that is useless to the owners anyway.

We then focused on finishing the unfinished parts of the construction, such as painting the large walls of the living room, as well as the frames, doors, and windows. In this way, we gave it a fresh, renewed, spacious and illuminated air in which it is always very comfortable to live.

Total modernization of the kitchen

The house had a classic and closed kitchen, but given the amplitude of the spaces we decided to demolish one of the walls and make an open kitchen, with cabinets made of marble of the highest quality, and countertops to extend the functionality of each of the spaces.

In the same way, we incorporated a custom kitchen island made with the same marble material that not only matches but also functions as a dining or cooking area if you wish. Now the kitchen is a beautiful space unified with the living room that invites companions to join in that space and enjoy a good meal together.

Improved fixtures and lighting

The furniture and light fixtures in the house were old or in poor condition, so we replaced the old fans and light fixtures with new, more modern ones that matched the color of the walls, floor, and overall style of the room.

In the same way, we took care of checking that all the electrical installations were in perfect condition and that they were working properly.

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