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Blog Avatar Contractor | Home Improvement | Home Remodeling

Avatar Contractors General Remodelling

General remodeling

People spend millions of dollars buying a house, that doesn’t mean it will always match their expectations. The reason being, a house is transformed into a home only when it provides a feeling of comfort and security to its dwellers and such level of comfort and security can only be obtained by remodeling your home. A home remodel as the name suggests is about renovation and rejuvenation of one’s house, thus infusing it with a positive energy and enhancing its looks a hundred times.

Avatar Contractors Basement Finishing

Basement finish

Basement Development or remodeling transforms an unfinished area into a livable space that may comprise a bathroom or a bedroom. All that is required to do so is a careful planning and decision-making. Initially, you are required to seek approval from ‘Planning and Development Branch’ for the plan and garner the permit for construction or development. If there is no structural change required in the basement, then you do not need development permits.